Music for future Foundation (M4FF) was founded
in 2019 by Sergey Smbatyan, the President of
Board of Trustees of the Foundation.
The Foundation makes itself socially responsible for
its community through its cultural, charitable
and other social activities.



  • We strongly believe in the potential of the new generation, and we give the opportunity to create a sustainable future for music.

  • To discover, develop, educate and support
    talented musicians, culture and art
    representatives, cultural and educational
    institutions and organizations around the world.
  • To grant scholarships, material support to gifted
    and talented musicians, singers, art
    representatives, ensure their participation in
    various international music festivals, events,
    competitions and music programs.
  • To contribute to the establishment of
    communication and cooperation between
    Armenian cultural and educational organizations
    and individuals of Armenia and the Diaspora,
    contribute to the consolidation of the potential of
    Armenian culture.
  • Promote Armenian culture and classical music
    performing art in Armenia and abroad.