Online Workshop for Musicians

02 September 2020

Pianist Gloria Campaner conducted an online workshop for students of Armenian music school

The Music for Future Cultural Foundation presented See Sharp Creativity Online workshop of Italian famous pianist Gloria Campaner.

Considering the desire to contribute to the creative development of the young musicians-performers from Armenian regions, the Foundation gave an opportunity to all the applicants (including children from the regions) who previously applied for its scholarship program but were not selected, to participate in the workshop free of charge. 10 young scholarship holders of the Foundation also took part in the workshop.

The goal of the workshop was to help participants control stage fright and performance anxiety, overcome stressful situations before concerts or public presentations, help become more confident, not to be afraid of making mistakes, as well as develop creative thinking.

The workshop had an interesting and unique format, including advise given by the trainer, real-life examples, different breathing techniques and small physical exercises. As the participant-children themselves mentioned, the workshop was held in a very direct, warm and positive atmosphere.

‘’Every minute of Gloria Campaner’s workshop taught me something new. She was speaking about artistry, technique, which was very interesting and important for me. I think this will have a very big impact on my future work. Before this I participated in an online seminar too: in the frames of DasA program I met Sergey Smbatyan, artistic director and principal conductor of the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, and I was able to get answers to my questions from him. The program is very important for us-young people, this is an opportunity to acquire even more knowledge from professional musicians’’, said pianist Aleks Gevorgyan.

"The workshop was very interesting, Gloria Campaner showed us a lot of useful exercises and gave advise which is very important for me. What I liked the best during the workshop – were the tips on how to master us on the stage․ Participation in the workshop taught me to be confident’’, said Satenik Galstyan, French horn player.

At the end of the workshop the young musicians were given a small task to produce a short video related to their interests until September 20 where they will be as creative as possible and which they would like to share. After summing up the results, they will receive feedback from the trainer and the 3 most creative participants will be announced.