The educational program of the "Music for Future" Cultural Foundation has become the beneficiary of "The Power of One Dram" for January

13 January 2023

IDBank and Idram have announced the "Talentum" Educational Program of the "Music for Future" Foundation as the beneficiary of "The Power of One Dram" initiative for January.

In January, one dram will be transferred to the "Music for Future" Foundation from the payments made via the Idram&IDBank application, company terminals, as well as and online applications.

The main goals of the foundation became the roadmap of its Talentum program - to discover talented musicians, educate and develop them and, as a result, have musicians who meet international standards and who will represent Armenian culture around the world.

According to Anna Ter-Hovakimyan, Director of the "Music for Future" Foundation, it is very nice that the banking system, acknowledging the importance of implementing cultural educational programs, has also made the "Music for Future" Foundation a beneficiary of its initiative.

"It is also a positive and encouraging impulse that thanks to "The Power of One Dram", thousands of citizens will be able to participate in the musical future of Armenia without spending a single dram, just by making payments. Everyone's small contribution from the first sight becomes an opportunity for the realization of big dreams of talented young musicians," said Anna Ter-Hovakimyan.

According to Tatevik Vardevanyan, the head of IDBank's communication department, the program itself creates a wonderful opportunity for talented young people to get a full musical education and become musicians who meet international standards, having the opportunity to perform on big stages in the future. And the "Power of One Dram" initiative continues to support those foundations which contribute to the development of our country.