"Marila" company has joined the Foundation's "Monthly Donation for the Future" initiative

20 March 2023

"Marila" company has become "Music for the Future" Foundation’s corporate supporter.

"Marila" company has become a corporate supporter of the "Music for the Future" Foundation. This cooperation creates an opportunity to expand the Foundation's Educational and Development Program for Talents by including talented young musicians and implementing the program.

The Foundation has launched a new initiative, joining which you can become our corporate supporter by subscribing to Monthly Donations of 100,000 AMD - for the Future.

The Foundation is an important cultural institution in Armenia, to which your donations will not only help support talented children, but will also be a significant contribution to the education, development and success of an entire generation.

We express our gratitude to our corporate supporter "Marila" for joining us in building the future of Armenian music and culture and invite all companies and organizations to join this important initiative and stand by Armenian talents and Armenian culture.