"ArLeAM" company has joined the idea of "Music for Future" Foundation.

13 September 2023

"ArLeAM" company has joined the "Music for Future" Foundation.

  Vigen Badalyan, the co-founder of the "ArLeAM" company, has become the ideologue of the "Music for Future" Foundation. Believing in the power of talent, he has invested AMD 38.9 million in Armenia's cultural future.

Thanks to this important support, the achievements of our talented children on international stages within Foundation's programs will pave the way for long-term cooperation.


In response to Vigen Badalyan's generous support, the "Music for Future" Foundation once again emphasizes its belief that by looking at the future, simple charity can be transformed into contribution. With their dedication and support, they serve as a shining example of true cultural unity, enabling talented Armenian children to dream without limits.