Piano master class

31 March 2021

Conductor and pianist Vahagn Papian held a master class for "Music for Future" scholarship holder

The Music for Future Foundation, according to tradition, continues to hold master classes for its scholarship holders. Conductor and pianist, director of Ashkelon Symphony Orchestra, Professor at Tel Aviv University of Music Vahagn Papian, who has many times performed on big stages, including with world-famous violinist Maxim Vengerov, held a master class for "Music for Future" scholarship holder Gur Sargsyan.

"During almost a year musical skills of the scholarship holders have developed, and I can say this by the example of Gur Sargsyan: the growth is obvious. I remember that his performance during the competition impressed me, but with his today’s performances he proved that he has obviously developed his skills, and the Foundation's support is also great in this regard," said Papyan, who was a member of the jury in the competition held by the Foundation.

Vahagn Papyan mentioned that he considers the financial support provided to young musicians very important, but considers it more necessary to hold master classes. "Financial support is very important, it allows a young performer not to worry about money, for example, a young musician should have financial means to go and participate in a competition, and in that regard the Foundation also provides support. But it is also more important to professionally guide and support the young performer. "

According to Papyan, supporting talented young performers is typical to well-known musicians who have passed the path of formation and who begin to worry about the future of music and generational change. "For example, conductor and violinist Vladimir Spivakov founded an international foundation to support musicians. It is very welcome that Sergey Smbatyan, being a young conductor, has already started to worry about the generational change and came up with a wonderful idea to help talented young musicians by creating a foundation. And now, looking at the Foundation's scholarship holders, I am happy that music will not end with our generation, and that we will have worthy successors to our work. In that regard I allayed my concern, we have brilliant children, the best of whom are supported by the foundation created by Sergey Smbatyan. "

He also advised young performers to always listen to the advice of specialists, constantly work hard, and not to leave the work they have started. "You have to work hard and practice: leaving something half-done is the worst thing that can happen in a musician's life."

Worth mentioning that earlier, on the initiative of the Music for Future Foundation, cellist and conductor Dmitry Yablonsky, pianists Denis Kozhukhin and Freddy Kempf, violinists Zia Hyunsu Shin and Stella Chen conducted master classes for scholarship holders and free listeners.

It should be noted that in the near future the Music for Future Foundation will again announce a competition, and all the students of all music schools in Armenia can apply. The best of them will be selected by a jury consisting of the best specialists.